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What We Do

Your website should reflect the values and the professionalism of your practice. It should be a place where your clients, prospective and current, feel comfortable, a place that they want to return to. Your website is the storefront of your business and is always on 7 days a week !  Make sure that it’s more than just a listing. Make sure that it does you proud and that it offers visitors interesting information that fills a need or answers a question.

Make sure that your website clearly reflects your goals and your values. If your website is out of date that is how your practice will appear. If it’s impersonal, visitors will get the impression that you have little regard for customer service. If its incomplete you give them the idea that you give up before you’ve finished a project.

At Manning Publications, we take all the hard work out of delivering interesting and engaging websites. We’ll help you to create SEO friendly content. We’ll develop your website, keep it up-to-date, add news to it every day, and make sure it looks great wherever its viewed, on laptop, mobile or tablet.

Who We Help

Your website should supply your visitors with regularly updated content. Keep them interested by sending them emails to update them about the new content. Better still, use a quarterly newsletter to do the same.

Interesting content is a sure way to increase the traffic to your site. It’ll encourage visitors making it a powerful marketing tool. Your aim should be to increase client touch points to quarterly rather than annually. Consider sending your customers a 20-page branded newsletter to remind them of your business.

We design inviting, easy to navigate websites. We’ll also keep it up to date for you, ensuring that it always has interesting content that will draw the traffic and grow your brand. There’s no need for you to upkeep the page. You do what you do best and we’ll maintain your website.

At Manning Publications our aim is to be your website partner. We’ll add all the latest taxation, financial, legal and accounting reports to your website along with monthly articles and daily news. We can also create a branded, quarterly newsletter tailored to your business. Add annual budget briefings, financial flyers, tax tips and anything else that you think will draw visitors to your site. Use your site to showcase your professional knowledge and expertise.

How It Works

We have a team of designers and developers, at Manning Publications, eager to create a web design for your practice. We are well aware of the need to move seamlessly from one digital device to the next. Our web designs all migrate from smart phone to laptop and back without losing clarity or functionality. So, your site will look good wherever it’s viewed. Our websites are designed in WordPress, the easiest and most functional website software around.


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