In a recent survey 83% of companies said they should be doing more to stay in contact with their clients.Manning Publications meets those needs at extremely competitive prices

The subscription offers:


The newsletter we offer is bi-monthly. Each newsletter is branded with practice logo, welcome message, partners’/principals’ images,  meet the team and range of services, as well as contact details and social media links. You also have the opportunity to submit an article, if you wish to do so. For more examples see our archive section by clicking here.

Homepage - Newsletter Example

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Budget Briefing

On the evening of the Budget you will receive an 8 page Budget Briefing outlining the main points of the Budget. Like the newsletter, this will be branded with your logo and colour scheme, partner images, contact details and social media hyperlinks.

Home Page- Budget Briefing

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Cover Email 

All newsletters are sent through Mailchimp. Your newsletter will be sent with a cover email (see below), which again will be branded with your logo, group photograph, welcome message and contact details together with social media links. A thumbnail of your newsletter will be hyperlinked to your newsletter which you can read online.


Special Editions 

From time to time, clients may wish to send a special edition or notice, such as an announcement about an upcoming event, information on a new piece of legislation or tax updates, for example. This can be done at an extra cost. See the special editions section for more details. DLSCM Brexit

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Seasonal Greetings

For Christmas and Easter you will receive a one page greeting to send to your clients via Mailchimp. You have the opportunity if you wish to send out another greeting or invite to do so at an additional cost.

Christmas Greeting

Christmas Greeting

Practice Contribution

If you wish to contribute content to your newsletter (article, announcement, images from and event etc.) you are free to do so. Please see our practice contribution page for more examples of content.

Example of a Practice Contribution

Example of a Practice Contribution