Social Media Marketing

There’s no denying the importance of social media marketing in the digital world. It establishes you as an authority in your field, builds trust with your target audience, and it helps your SEO and social signals.

Your choice of social networking platform will depend on where your target audience is, and could include any (or all) of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn or Youtube. Another factor in choosing the right network(s) depends on your industry and the goals of your campaign.

Here at Manning Publications, we have the experience required to help you select the right social platforms for your business, based on your brand. We select the platforms that will drive the most valuable traffic to your site from the demographics that make up your target audience. However, another benefit of social media marketing is that it can introduce your brand to a global audience of potential clients.

Why You Should Embrace Social Media Marketing

A cohesive social media campaign can be a powerful weapon in your company’s digital marketing arsenal, delivering tangible benefits to your business:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • More web traffic
  • Better SEO results
  • Improved customer relations
  • Increased audience engagement
  • Better return on lead generation efforts
  • Building industry authority
  • Developing a competitive advantage
  • Establishing trust

Here at Manning Publications, we see the results of social media marketing first hand. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter play a crucial part in our lead generation efforts.

With a professional social media marketing campaign, you can achieve all of the above results.

What’s In It For You

Manning Publications will:

  • create a custom social media marketing campaign for your business.
  • implement paid ads (optional).
  • generate valuable, unique content across the various social media platforms.