Email Marketing

This often-overlooked marketing strategy is becoming increasingly popular, as it is highly effective. Surveys have shown that readers who have subscribed to an email list, are much more likely to open emails, click through and make purchases, as they trust the source.

Sadly, marketers still tar email marketing with the brush of old. Nowadays marketers have anti-spam laws and to keep them in check. Before they would simply build or buy a list and blast out ridiculous amounts of over-the-top self-promotional messages. Thankfully, permission-based email marketing ensures that those people who want to receive your messages are often willing to interact.

As a result, marketers who use this method tend to experience a better return on investment on that than on any other type of marketing.

Essentially, the method still works the same at the core, capture leads, draft an email and send it. However, successful marketers know that a little more goes into it. When you work with Manning Publications, you will note our proven process:

Carefully Plan Your Message

You can’t just blast out any old email. You need to consider what your goals are, and then create a powerful call-to-action that will inspire readers to take the desired action. You can then build backwards to craft the right content.

Test Meticulously

One of the main aspects of testing your email marketing campaign is spam filters. Your email should read well, but it should also pass through the spam filters.

Analyse Results

The purpose of an email marketing campaign is to ensure that it brings results. Manning Publications will assess and analyse your campaign in real time, using a state-of-the-art reporting system to measure the success of your campaign.

Our services include:

  • Email marketing strategy design
  • Email frequency research
  • Optimised email template creation
  • Email content creation
  • Email personalisation
  • Email campaign analysis
  • Ongoing campaign adjustments